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Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.

Consortium Member Since 2013

Affiliate Director: Mr. A.J. Piplica, COO

Contact Information:
1040 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 950
Atlanta, GA 30338-4741
(678) 360-2007

Generation Orbit

Organization information : serves micro and nano satellite developers struggling to find dedicated and cost-effective space access by offering fast, flexible and affordable primary launch manifesting through GOLauncher, an air-launched space transportation system specifically designed for small payloads.


GSGC Funded Activities 2014 – 2015

Generation Orbit Internships

Generation Orbit provides paid internship opportunities for college-age students at their facilities in Atlanta, GA.
Students are given challenging and representative engineering tasks related to engineering software development, high-speed flight systems, and multi-disciplinary design in a New Space entrepreneurial environment. The current proposal extends our existent partnership with GASGC and NASA in offering professional internships to students interested in pursuing a career in the space systems industry.