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Kennesaw State University(KSU)

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Affiliate Director: Premila Achar, PhD
College of Science and Mathematics

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1000 Chastain Road, MD 1202
Kennesaw, GA 30144
770 499 3524

Website: http://science.kennesaw.edu/
Kennesaw State University

University information : Kennesaw State College (KSU) is in suburban Atlanta. Kennesaw is the third largest institution in the state. The institution is a member of the University System of Georgia and the third largest university in the state.KSU focuses on teaching and learning, offers a general education program, and is committed to public service, scholarly and creative work, and applied research. KSU has approximately 25,000 students. KSU is comprised of the Colleges of the Arts, Education, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Health and Human Services as well as the Graduate College. More than 50 undergraduate degree programs and a number of applied undergraduate and graduate certificate programs are offered.
Kennesaw State University (KSU) Introduction and Academics - Kennesaw


GSGC Funded Activities 2014 – 2015

KSU NASA Applied Leadership Program

The overall goal of the Applied Leadership Program is to facilitate college students (STEM majors) in developing the leadership skills and knowledge needed to assist pre-college students in becoming more successful in STEM areas and to increase the college and pre-college students’ exposure to the career options of the space science industry. The primary objective is to continue to operate and improve an existing program in which 24 STEM scholars from the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) participate in a year-long training session that trains the students to be able to understand some of the factors that enhance the learning of STEM concepts and how such concepts relate to the missions of NASA.

KSU NASA Pre-college STEM Enrichment

The goal of this program is to help pre-college students improve their performance in STEM subjects. The objectives are to have the students readily recognize STEM related principles, employ the steps of the scientific method, and relate STEM topics to their daily lives. The program consists of ten weeks of activities for 30 high school students who will be invited to participate in an enrichment program that focuses on STEM subjects. The program will meet once each week over a course of four, 5-week sessions. During the program, the KSU college students will work with college faculty to deliver hands-on lessons to pre-college students.

KSU NASA Fellows Program

Funding is provided for undergraduate scholarships to a group of high potential/high ability STEM majors (NASA Fellows). The awards are made to help provide the students with an opportunity to focus on the study of STEM subjects and to become better informed about NASA’s mission activities. Students are expected to participate in scheduled academic enrichment activities where they will work with other students to master STEM principles and concepts. The students participate in hands-on research activities to develop laboratory skills and techniques consistent with authentic NASA-related mission-based R & D activities. Additionally, students engage in informal education where they work with K-12 students and educators to communicate information about NASA activities and learn to access NASA data.