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What does being a member of the Georgia STEM Agenda offer?

  • Greater visibility and community impact
  • Collaborative proposal writing
  • Resource Materials
  • STEM subject matter webinars
  • Free STEM conference
  • Mentoring
  • Networking with other STEM providers
  • Mini grants

    The Georgia STEM Agenda is a statewide network for informal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education providers. The purpose of the Georgia STEM Agenda is to create a channel for collaboration; foster innovation; share resource materials; provide mini grants; and connect with mentors. The theme of the STEM Agenda is “Stepping Into Tomorrow”. The members of the STEM Agenda can play a major role in complementing and enhancing K-12 public and private STEM education, resulting in greater impact and a brighter future. The Georgia STEM Agenda is organized by the NASA Sponsored Georgia Space Grant Consortium (GSGC).


    In, 2010, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched “The Summer of Innovation” as part of President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign. Summer of Innovation proposals were required to be submitted through state Space Grant offices. Thirteen motivated informal STEM education providers quickly rallied to submit proposals that would help strengthen STEM; and also provide STEM hands on activities with measurable impact. The collaboration of the initial 13 partners was the catalyst for creating the STEM Agenda.


    Informal education STEM providers can participate in the Georgia STEM Agenda by becoming a member via the STEM Agenda application. There is no cost for membership in the Georgia STEM Agenda. All organizations/individuals must be nonprofits (501C-3) and with primary business activities in Georgia.

    Four free webinars per year will be offered to members of the Georgia STEM Agenda. Organizations/individuals participating in all 4 of the webinars will be eligible to compete for a mini-grant from the GSGC.

    A summer networking conference will be held annually for members to exhibit and/or present their programs to other STEM providers and stakeholders; learn about new opportunities; and attend workshops hosted by experts in K-12 STEM education.


    Tracking and Evaluation of Programs
    Spring 2012

    Working with school systems
    Summer 2012

    Collaborative proposal writing
    Fall 2012

    Infusing NASA content into programs
    Winter 2012